4/7/2006 was taken down briefly because of malicious link spreading on the part of message board trolls whose sole purpose in life appears to be talking about posters on wrestling message boards. Try wrapping your brain around THAT. Meanwhile, think about the fact that such a thing hasn't happened in 2 years on this site, but it happened within a week on the site that I've promoted on a variety of other places. That speaks volumes about the quality of character of YOU, my core readers. THAT is why I still do this site even though I don't watch WWE anymore.


See this is exactly why you should bookmark the message board: because it won't be undermined by unscrupulous webhosts!

Here is what went down:
1. HostGator to me: "This account has been suspended for terms of service violations: a) copyright violations; b) using a shared server as a filedump."

2. I responded that we already dealt with the copyright issue twice, and that the files are uploaded in an organized and downloadable-by-the-public manner, unlike a true filedump like megaupload or sendspace.

3. Hostgator to me: "I have consulted with our managers and we have come to the conclusion that these assurances are no longer enough. In our terms of service section six it notes: Cancellations and Refunds; HostGator reserves the right to cancel the account at any time with or without notice. We have decided to exercise this option."

Let that sink in. I am now in week 2 of what will likely be a month-long effort to re-upload and relocate 200GB worth of files, because they no longer feel like upholding their end of the agreement. I was screwed over by some of the other hosts, but at least in those cases I hadn't gone over the website's raison d'etre in-depth prior to purchase. With HostGator I got an explicit okay at the outset, then another this year when they screwed up and 'forgot' the copyright explanation. They said the ONLY reasons I'd get canned were if I exceeded server resource usage, or if there was a copyright issue. Neither happened; they utilized a blatant catch-all "oh well we don't feel like it anymore" clause. HostGator had a sterling reputation last year and now has devolved into another one of an endless line of deceptive mass-market webhosts.

4. I shopped around and, after getting an okay from the CEO of the company, signed up with Made2Own. They were the hosts of Daily Puro during its first year. Bandwidth is lowered, and I'm compensating for that by placing the largest and newest files on megaupload (plus linking to anything other people uploaded there). Over time I can adjust the 'level' of megauploading to better fit the traffic. The costs are also much higher, so please donate.

The sites would have been back sooner, but I had email and DNS issues. Hopefully we're here to stay.


This is still there? And I still get over a dozen hits from it a day?! Color me confused.


I have no idea how many of you aren't into the Japanese wrestling scene (how could you NOT be and come here regularly?!), but for those of you interested in starting, please send me an email. I know my sites can be overwhelming to a newcomer, so I'm looking to help guide people with some introductory matches. All I ask is that you give some feedback for use in a future puropulse column. Trust me, it'll be worth your while!


I will no longer be updating on Sundays.


Setbb died. RIP forum. You will be missed by me and possibly Josh.


Apologies for the long silence.

As will probably come as no shock to any of you, I have had a great deal of my attention diverted by real life. Specifically, my unimaginably long and convoluted attempt to become a staffer on Capitol Hill, which I believe is finally close to happening. I hope to resume updates on the media sites soon, but the WWE news page is on indefinite hiatus.