Phil Astin pleaded guilty. He faces big fines and significant jailtime.


Phil Astin will finally go on trial starting March 16th.


Phil Astin has been given a 175 count federal indictment.

2/20/2008 The planned wrongful death lawsuit against WWE over the Benoit deaths might be derailed by details of long-simmering tension in the marriage. The more clear that the situation was building for some time, as opposed to a one-time psychotic episode, the more WWE is off the hook.


The Benoit estate is apparently settled, and will be split between Chris' surviving kids and Nancy's family.

Astin, the Benoit drug dealer of choice, is now implicated in giving Chris copious amounts of painkillers as well. And Astin has violated his parole. Lovely fellow.


A doctor who examined Chris Benoit's brain said that it was heavily damaged by concussions, almost certainly effecting his behavior.


The lawyers for Chris Benoit's doctors are arguing for evidence from a search warrant to be thrown out because there are, in theory, good reasons to prescribe steroids. Flaw in that argument: Chris was given about twenty times more than could possibly be needed.


The toxicology report on the Benoits was announced. Chris had high testosterone levels and painkillers in his system, all had Xanax. In Daniel's case it was likely used as a relaxant before the end.

A very revealing piece of data came out through these tests: WWE does not consider injectable testosterone to be an anabolic steroid. They're pretty much alone on that one. Also, it's been made clear that WWE's 'fail' standard on testosterone/steroids is 2.5 times higher than the standard for pro athletes, which is already very high. What does this mean? It means that the Wellness Program is a farce. As if one look at Lashley doesn't tell you that.

Nancy's family is going to sue... someone. I'd say they have a decent case against the doctor.


Meltzer went on an extended rant about whoever WWE sends out in public has been defensive and saying that the wellness program works. One thing of note he said that I didn't recall is that Eddie was using steroids at the time of his death and that it was a significant factor. 'Eddie was clean' is often tossed out as a talking point, but all he was clean from was recreational drugs. He also noted that Lashley's push sends about as wrong a message as possible.

An Atlanta TV station reports that Dr. Astin is also linked to Luger, Mysterio, Buff Bagwell and Bob Holly.


Dr. Astin, who has been charged in the wake of the Benoit deaths, was apparently a 'mark' doctor that wrestlers could get steroids and drugs from. He was giving Chris huge amounts of steroids, which Chris probably distributed to other wrestlers. He's also been implicated in the death of Johnny Grunge.


Another batch of Benoit news from Meltzer. It just doesn't stop.
-Nancy and Chris were separated since February.
-Nancy had neck surgery earlier this year and was in a lot of pain.
-The only thing Nancy put in a safe deposit box is a note to police saying that if anything happened to her it was done by Chris.
-Chris was taking a wide range of drugs in the wake of Eddie's death, including painkillers, anti-depressants and at least some steroids.
-Nancy was an emotional wreck just before the murders because of Sensational Sherri's death.


The Benoit's neighbor is the one who found the bodies, because she was known to their dogs and able to get by them. She says Chris told her a story about Nancy and Daniel having food poisoning, and that he went into a bit too much detail. That shows a guilty mind, not a crazy one, to me.

Hogan for reasons that only he might know called Nancy a 'devil worshiper'. He apparently doesn't know of a concept called "it was a gimmick" and "it was over 15 years ago you putz".


Chris Benoit's doctor has been indicted for improperly giving him steroids and various drugs over several years. The steroids were apparently doled out quite regularly well after the start of WWE's drug testing. The doctor looks to have done this for many patients and could be screwed.

The relevant District Attorney has said that it looks like Daniel DIDN'T have Fragile X. Huh?


The latest bit of dirt to come out is that Chris regularly used GHB in the past, though it's unknown if he did recently.


Meltzer notes on the situation:
-Some version of the crossface was used on Daniel
-Chris got a prescription for anti-depressant Xanax when he went to his doctor on Friday
-Chris went downhill mentally in part because he wouldn't open up to anyone after Eddie died
-Johnny Grunge of Public Enemy was the Benoits neighbor and would often play peacemaker when they fought, so Johnny's death also had an impact
-Chris and Nancy separated for a period of time in the last year
-Chris bought a life-insurance policy on himself that would benefit his ex and their two children but not Nancy or Daniel
-The paranoia extended to his home life (not wanting Nancy or Daniel to leave the house, taking weird driving routes) and to WWE (wanting to get a better push, fearing getting released)
-Nancy feared for her life in the days leading up to the murder but didn't take the advice to get out while she could
-It's likely she said that she was leaving him, which broke whatever tenuous sanity Chris had left. He might have rationalized the second murder as a mercy killing since Nancy was gone and Chris would be in jail or dead, and Daniel needed a lot of care with his condition
-Chris' brain might have been left alone too long in too much heat for any decent testing on it

That's a lot to digest, but it all fits with what was known. Chris wasn't well, Nancy was afraid and burdened with Daniel's care, steroid use led to a testosterone shortage and depression. A horrible confluence of circumstances, but the ultimate blame lies with Benoit for letting his mental state deteriorate and for putting Nancy through so much grief even before the murders, which by themselves are... well you know. Hopefully mental health gets added to the 'wellness program' to cope with *past* steroid use.


Chris Benoit's ex stepped forward... to defend him, saying he was very loving and that the media has been unfair.


And now it's turned out that Chris went to the doctor on Friday and that he was being treated for low testosterone levels. The doctor's office has apparently been raided by the DEA.

WWE has confirmed that Daniel had 'Fragile X', and that the treatment was a source of tension between Chris and Nancy. Nancy wanted Chris home more to help take care of Daniel.

5 PM 6/27/2007

An AP story alludes to a phone call on Saturday, which I assume was with Chavo, in which Chris said that Nancy and Daniel had food poisoning and were vomiting blood.

11 AM 6/27/2007

WWE has released a timeline of events on their end of things:
-Saturday afternoon, Chris contacted them to say he'd miss the house show in Texas that day because Nancy and Daniel were 'ill'.
-Sunday morning they tried to tell Chris about the flight they booked to get him to the PPV, but they couldn't get through to him.
-Chris sent 5 text messages between 3:53 and 3:58 AM, most of which were just giving his home address and one of which said where his dogs were.
-They kept calling throughout Sunday and checked area hospitals.
-At noon on Monday they were shown the text messages and that prompted them to call police.

Chris has turned up in an investigation of a company in Florida that sold steroids illegally. This stems from a Sports Illustrated story in February that focused on major athletes. They has Chris' name but didn't release it at the time.

In regards to steroids, it's not out of the question that they effected Chris, but not how the media is reporting it. Prolonged use, which he certainly did, leads to a lower natural ability to produce testosterone. If he really did stop using after Eddie's death he might have suffered from depression and other effects of withdrawal. Roid rage would explain the past abuse, roid absense would explain his behavior over the last year.

In regards to Daniel being given injections, it has been said that he might suffer from something called Fragile X Syndrome which would require human growth hormone to treat.

Debra, ex-wife of Steve McMichael and Austin, gave an interview talking about the abuse she suffered from Austin. She also alleges he used steroids. Chris isn't the only wrestler to put his hands on a woman.

7 PM 6/26/2007

The details just don't stop.
-Needle marks were found on Daniel's arm, DA says it was injections of human growth hormone. How that could be known before the tox screen comes back I have no idea.
-Chris left a Bible by each of their bodies.
-Chris became increasingly paranoid over the last year.
-Nancy might have put evidence of abuse in a safety deposit box.
-WWE says they last tested him on April 10th and that he was negative for steroids at the time.
-The media is fixating on steroids. Yes, steroids suck. What also sucks is blaming steroids for something way outside the bounds of any documented "roid rage".

3 PM 6/26/2007

From the police press conference: Latest timeline has Benoit killing Nancy on Friday, Daniel on Saturday, and himself late Saturday or early Sunday with cords on a weight machine. There was no suicide note. There were 'legal' steroids in the house. Nancy was tied up and strangled, Daniel was most likely asleep.

The marriage was "rocky". And by "rocky" I mean "Benoit was abusive". That's the other shoe right there. Dammit.

WWE is purging Chris Benoit. I'm undertaking much the same policy.

Noon 6/26/2007

Chavo is the one who received the troubling text messages.

Early 6/26/2007

It now appears that Benoit killed Nancy then Daniel over the weekend, and himself on Monday. The "family emergency" might have actually been WWE covering for not being able to contact Benoit. On Sunday, friends (I'm guessing within WWE) contacted WWE management about disturbing text messages from Benoit. This led WWE to contact the police on Monday, which in turn led to them finding the bodies.


Chris Benoit, his wife (Nancy aka 'Woman') and their son were found dead in their Atlanta home today.

Chris is survived by two children from a previous marriage.